Play Together celebrates New Year 2023 with a special content update

Play Together celebrates New Year 2023 with a special content update

The mobile casual social network game Play Together will receive a New Year update from the mobile game developer <strong>HAEGIN. The Three Cottons and Meowy NPCs will be present at Kaia Island Plaza in the coming months. Help them out through special assignments and collect "Jelly Paw Coins" as prizes.
At NPC Tiny Cotton's Make-Believe Mart, players can exchange the "Jelly Paw Coins" for items like the Bunny Racing Helmet, Carrot Cart, and other rabbits, and cat-themed products.

Celebrate New Year 2023 with special quests and rewards in Play Together
Players can visit the FORCETELLER tent in the Downtown District to get their daily fortune read. It will be the first metaverse fortune-telling resource created in partnership with UN7QI3 and open to all users. They can learn what their friends think of them, if they'll meet their soul mate, and whether they'll make a lot of money.
Players can consider acquiring the "FORCETELLER Fortune Booth" furniture item if they would prefer to receive their fortune reading in the privacy of their own homes. Kkalina, the FORCETELLER mascot, will assist players to learn how their day will pan out. In collaboration with FORCETELLER, plans are also being made for further fortune-telling content.

The future update will also include extra stuff for players to enjoy. Try collecting Icy Fishes, mythical aquatic creatures that only appear in the winter. By taking part in the Meow Meow Attendance event, players can get rewards for entering the game. And players shouldn't pass up the opportunity to get their hands on the limited-time accessible Bunny Cat and Cat Bunny pets.
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